Nelson McLean Fund

nelson-mclean-coniston-campership-summer-campIn the spring of 2015, the YMCA Camp Coniston Board of Directors established and donated a $35,000 campership in honor of NELSON MCLEAN. Nelson was the longest employee in the history of Coniston and has always supported the campership campaign. He began his work in 1983 and retired as the camp’s bookkeeper in 2015. His 32 years of service to our YMCA were witness to many changes, including Coniston becoming known as one of the finest camps in the US.


Nelson’s life story is one of giving back. He spent his entire career working with youth through schools, his church and the YMCA. This campership is a testament to his generosity, compassion and a legacy to his life’s mission of helping “young people become worthy adults.” All children receiving this Campership have had struggles in their home life that range from single parent households to dealing with a parent with a brain tumor. Two weeks at camp is always a much needed and anticipated break for these children.


When a camper is awarded the Nelson McLean Campership, the cost of camp is paid in full so a child may make new friends and participate in the camp program that Mr. McLean believed in for over 30 years.

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