Catherine Malatesta: Heaven On Earth

A diagnosis of fast-spreading sarcoma didn’t change the fact that sixteen-year-old Catherine Malatesta’s spirit could light up a room. She was a natural leader in every aspect of her life and loved being center stage. She left the hospital to perform in her school’s musical, attend junior prom, and pass her AP exams. When she couldn’t leave her hospital bed, she recorded a campaign speech so she could be elected Student Council President. Through her resilience and strength, she set an incredible example for all who knew her and even for those who didn’t.


Catherine was a charismatic person, full of life. The friendships she made and the moments she spent at Coniston were life-changing. During the summers she was able to release from the rigors of her daily schedule and be herself, with no judgment from her peers. It was because of the amazing Coniston sisterhood she experienced that this was her heaven on earth.


On Catherine’s birthday in November her family visited Coniston to spend time at her most favorite place. The weather was beautiful and it was very special for them to be able to walk the grounds and experience places that meant so much to Catherine. That difficult day was made a bit easier by being surrounded by Catherine’s spirit.


Catherine-Malatesta-YMCA-Camp-ConistonThe Malatesta family has been overwhelmed by the support they have received in their daughter’s memory. With the funds directed to Camp Coniston an annual Campership in Catherine’s name has been established, and now a child who would otherwise be unable to attend Camp because of financial hardship will be able to experience the magic that Catherine lived for. Catherine’s parents expressed that she would have been over the moon to know that a child would receive this opportunity.


Catherine’s exuberance, infectious smile, fearless personality, steadfast loyalty, confidence, courage, grace and enduring love for others have left an indelible mark on all of our lives.


To all the donors of the Catherine Malatesta Fund
“This is my broken, but strong heart speaking directly to your generous and kind heart…thank you so very much for embracing my family and not turning your back during this terrible odyssey and for loving us as your own.”

— Jennifer Goodwin, Catherine’s Mother

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