Where the Journey Began

Erma-Sanders-Catherine-Malatesta-Carl-WitherellThere are places in life where memories are built and lives change—Camp is one of those places. Footprints are left on the hearts of everyone who attends, and the Coniston Experience ripples through the campers back to their families, their schools, and their communities.


Erma Sanders was a woman whose influence at Coniston helped shape who many of us are today. Both she and her husband Bob created a long-term foundation for Camp, so we can continue to build an exceptional staff and help nurture future generations of campers.


Catherine Malatesta was a camper who brought her enthusiastic and outgoing personality to camp. She was always one to help a fellow camper and be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s day. After returning home from Coniston her parents could see the transformation Camp had on their daughter. Catherine’s loving spirt will always be remembered atCamp and to honor her over 300 people were compelled to give more than $40,000 to fund a Campership in her name.


Carl Witherell was a man who liked to leave footprints quietly, through unspoken gifts. His dream was to help local youth by providing them with meaningful, life-changing experiences. Over the past 33 years his estate has sent an entire summer’s worth of kids to camp, and his legacy lives on forever.


What is the real value to our community, to our society, to the world, when we support the camp through our gifts? The value is immeasurable and life-changing — one child at a time. We thank Erma, Catherine, and Carl for supporting Camp in numerous ways; they have shown us the power of giving, and because of them thousands of deserving children get to have the Coniston Experience.


I hope you will see the value of donating to Coniston, and how you can make a difference in the life of a camper. After all, Catherine only came to camp for two years and those summers not only were the memories she loved the most, but they helped to shape the person she was.





John Tilley
Camp Director