Coniston History

From the Archives: The Summer That Wasn’t

In the Summer of 1918, Nobody Showed Up to Camp.

No tents were unpacked. No staff arrived. No campers were dropped off. For the first and only time in camp history, no memories were made or friendships grown. Then, like today, the magic of camp began when the worries and troubles of the outside world were left at the front gate. In the summer of 1918, however, not even camp could hide from the tumultuous events transforming the world outside.

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The 4 Most Confusing Points of Coniston History… Explained!

Answers To Some Of The Most Baffling Questions In Coniston History (You Might Not Have Known That You Had)

With over 100 years of Coniston history, it’s easy for even the most stalwart Conistonian to confuse the facts with fiction. Soangetaha? Interlaken? Churchill? Straighten out your Camp Coniston history and test your knowledge (or confirm what you already know) with these historical bits!

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Celebrating 100 Years of Girls Camp!

100-years-girls-campThis summer, Coniston will pass another important milestone that says a lot about the camp and the history of our community.We often forget how far our country has come. In 1916 the Sullivan County YMCA decided to offer programs not only for boys, but for girls, making Girls Camp 100 years old this summer. At the same time, members of our board were known to support the local Suffragette’s Union. Suffragettes were men and women who advocated for women’s right to vote as it was not until 1920 when women won this right. Throughout history, the Coniston community understood it was important to bring all people together, and before women had the right to vote they were welcome at our Camp! Today we are humbled by how closely Boys and Girls Camp work together to change lives and build a better society.