Staff in our Afterschool Programs are going above and beyond for youth in our communities!

after-school-above-and-beyond-award-1It is often said that Coniston staff make the magic of Coniston happen, our Afterschool staff are no different. Afterschool staff work hard all school year to provide care for the children in our community. They spend after school hours creating community, building relationships, helping with homework, teaching healthy living, providing a space for safe play and so much more. Better yet, they do it with a smile. It’s for that reason Nicole Berthiaume, Afterschool Director, implemented the Above and Beyond Award. This award is given monthly, to a staff member from one of our five Afterschool sites, who has shown exemplary efforts for the children in their program. The first recipient of the award is Shyann Desrochers.


Shyann is a staff member in our New London program. No challenge is too much for Shyann. She arrives early each day to help set up and prepare. She always puts her best foot forward and is positive about her team. Shyann is the ‘coach’ for the most energetic and active group of children in her program. Through consistency, patience and intentional follow-through she has created a safe and fun space for her team. She has helped them develop a sense of respect and care for each other and her as their coach. Shyann received a gift certificate with her award and chose to buy coffee and hot chocolate for the entire New London staff. Her actions demonstrate her selfless nature and we are fortunate to have her working with local children in our community.


In October, Jack Hearne also from the New London program received the Above and Beyond Award. Jack, a senior in High School, continues to impress and (through example) lead us. His quiet, thoughtful way creates a safe and comfortable environment for the kindergarten group he leads. He pays attention to individuals, recognizing what each child needs for support. Jack can always be found playing with his group or staying close to help manage any situation that arises. Jack is an important, attentive, strong member of our team and we are so grateful to have him working with us in the afternoon.


Thank you to both Shyann and Jack for helping Coniston’s Afterschool program be one of our most important outreach efforts. The love and support you give to these children is invaluable for local families. It takes a village to raise little humans and because of you the communities around us our benefitting.