The 2016 Summer Staff are Giving Back

2016-ymca-camp-coniston-staff-campership-1You may have read about this story on Facebook or perhaps watched a video on Camp’s YouTube channel, but what the 2016 Summer Staff accomplished must be re-told. During staff training this summer Program Director, Parker Olson was on a mission to educate his fellow Conistonians about the importance of giving back.


To educate the staff, Parker first found similar products which would cost the same amount as a campership — a pool table or a fancy laptop. He then asked the staff what value these material items had to them. He received the response of “little value”. Parker then let everyone know that these products are equivalent in cost to sending a child in financial need to Camp. He spoke about his personal memories of his camper days and how much Camp has meant to him. Working together as a group and donating the cost of coffee for a week the staff raised the $1650 in only a few days with a 96% participation rate.


Do you think a group of people from your office or school could join together like the 2016 Summer Staff to make a summer at Coniston possible for a child?

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